Friday, 3 August 2012

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses- NO MORE

Well Pre Season has finally start for round 3 of 12WBT 2012, and with it our first task.
I have to admit I was a bit under prepared for it- wondering how hard it would be to write my excuses. I thought “walk in the park”- write them down and then move on quickly. This wasn’t the case.
My Excuses follow a similar list to many of you on the forums. Some of them were:
1: I’m too tired
2: I’m unfit and behind everyone
3: I’m too scared
4: I’m not confident
5: What’s the point?
6: There’s always tomorrow/next week
7: I’ve exercise today so that cake/chocolate/soft drink will be cancelled out
8: What harm can this food choice make?
9: I’ve already mucked up today what’s the point in trying
10: No one else thinks i can do it- maybe they are right
11: Bad weather
12: I can’t afford it
13: Too Busy
 I found I didn’t really want to admit them; lol maybe because I thought if they didn’t exist then I could ignore them, with my head in the sand. Problem is I would be completely blind sighted when I did/do start to use them.
Let’s be honest: as completely motivated and committed to this program and the positive changes it will bring to my life, there will be many a time excuses or avoidances will be used. I need to thank Michelle for making me bring them all out into the open so that I can be equipped with some skills and solutions to combat them head on.
My biggest excuse would be “I’m Scared”- what of you ask? Well a few things. It could be of failing, of looking stupid, of what people think that I’m behind everyone or even scared of how my life might change. It isn’t something I say aloud but it would be the foremost excuse and one that would lead into the other excuses also. Solution: I’m more scared of being overweight for the rest of my life than of what people think, the gym or exercise. I am NOT behind, I can go at my own pace and every session is getting me further in front! And I am PROUD of the choices I’ve made to do this program!
What this task made me realise is how negative I am inclined to be towards myself- not in a self-doubt way but more in that I gloss over the positive choices I have already made. NO MORE- Yes I have made some bad choices in my life to result in my current weight (food, lack of exercise, bad choice of boyfriend lol) but I have made a positive step in joining 12WBT and that was a huge leap for me. I have joined a gym so another positive. I am surrounded by supportive and like-minded people- another plus. The positives far outweigh any negatives I can throw at them. And I am ready for this journey and I completely embrace it J


  1. Hi Casey, I didn't realise you were blogging, good for you. I think you have hit the nail on the head, particularly with me. I was so scared of failing. I could hear the words from my husband, not that he would say it, but you think even yourself "ahhh, right, another diet failed". But for some reason I knew this was the right time for me. And you have a good attitude. This IS your tomorrow. And this IS your time to do it. I'm glad you joined the facebook crew too, they've given a lot of support to me in round 2 which was my first round. I went through the whole, hmm can I afford it too. But then I worked out over 12 weeks what I would have spent in chocolate. Enough said. Good luck and keep at it.


    1. Hi Carol,
      I have already saved so much money on this program by elminating the junk food out of my life- i think the work kiosk is poorer because of it lol
      the facebook crew is fantastic heaps of support and lots of inspriational stories and people too

  2. Congrats on the blog. It's great, and I think it is awesome that you aren't letting excuses hold you back from finding the you that you want to be.

    I'm new to 12WBT too, and have just started blogging as well..... feel free to pop over.

    1. Hey Bella,
      thank you for your support.
      Oh i so know you feeling about photos but you looked so gorgeous in them and i cant wait to see the ones with your family- Keep up the great work

  3. Great stuff, always good to approach these things head on. I also found the excuses part a little confronting and especially when i heard myself throw one up early on, but JFDI and you will feel a lot better for it. I am nearly finished my first round, 21kgs gone and feel so much better for it, so will you.

    If you want to read about my journey.

    1. Hi Greg,
      Firstly congrats on your weight loss success and that of your wifes too :)
      The ride to Conquer Cancer sounds fantastic and i wish you the best of luck- what a great goal to have