Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Me VS Interpretation of the word “Gym”

Last blog I spoke about the fears that prompted me to do 12WBT-now I’m branching out into the one of the fears that I still have lol; The GYM!!
Now when I first think of the Gym, I think Dread lol. I have/had in my mind this world full of ‘beefcakes’ and slim gorgeous women in matching clothes that don’t turn red or sweat when they work out. This is a world that I don’t belong in nor somewhere that I would feel comfortable.
Now I know this is completely irrational and is mostly likely a combination of my excuses as to why I shouldn’t go, but being an overweight, unhealthy and unfit woman the gym is a hugely daunting/intimidating place.
Well last week I bit the bullet and joined the local gym- lol I took a friend for moral support and had taken a few days to talk myself into the right choice- and they ARNT scary at all- in fact everyone is more than welcoming and there are many people like me too. I knew that I needed some structure and guidance in my workout especially starting off and they have a biggest loser group full of like-minded people. There are three compulsory sessions each week- varying from cardio, strength, core etc. And wait for it I’m actually having FUN- the sessions are hard but worthwhile and I’m surrounded by positive and encouraging vibes.
Lol I still get nervous going into every session (seems so silly to be), mainly wondering what I will be doing and can I handle it etc etc all the self-doubt feelings but I’m not so overwhelmed to the point of avoiding them.
I’m surprised to find that my motivation for losing weight is flowing into many other areas of my life. I have always been a shocking sleeper- between 3-4hours per night is normal for me which usually has a negative impact on what I eat. What I eat then has negative impact on how I sleep- one of those vicious cycles. But since starting 12WBT with the exercise and clean eating I’ve been able to break out of the bad sleeping habits, I’m actually tired and want to sleep. YAY to almost 8hrs most nights. More sleep equals more energy equals more motivation equals results- now this is more of the cycle I’m looking for J
I’m still looking at myself slightly negative in that I focus on what I can’t do; not what I AM doing but I know that confidence will come in time. And every step in the right direction is helping.


  1. I was scared to go to the gym at first too, now I LOVE it!

  2. Hey Lisa,

    Im the same- i actually look forward to my sessions- its great