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On here I will be posting my weigh in results every Wednesday

Week Six Round 3 2012 Weight : 103.8kg : 26th September 2012: 2.9kg lost, 17.4kg Total

Happy dancing with bloody sore legs this week. Did some pump classes and OMG Im struggling to walk and sit properly- in a somewhat funny twist of fate- running is easier on them than walking lol. Keeping my diet sqweaky clean and still enjoying it :) i do sneak in a penang chicken every now and then even if not on the program that week

Week Five Round 3 2012 Weight : 106.7kg : 26th September 2012: 3.0kg lost, 14.5kg Total

Im starting to wonder if i will ever stop the happy dance :) or maybe its the happy dance contributing to the weight loss?!? Another 3kg donated, never to be seen again. I bumped up the exercise again this week and that definately has an impact. Been trying a few different classes and seeing what works for me eg weights, cardio or a mix of everything.

Week Four Round 3 2012 Weight : 109.7kg : 19th September 2012: 1.8kg lost, 11.5kg Total

And the weight Happy dance continues :) I say Goodbye to the 110kgs and good bye to over 10kgs donated to the fat god to never see again. Every wednesday is bring me closer to my goal of Double Digits. Im a little bit nervous that my success so far could be my undoing in that i might slack of- i will not allow this to happen. My moral is high, my motivation is there and so is my drive to do this

Week Three Round 3 2012 Weight : 111.5kg : 12th September 2012: 3.6kg lost, 9.7kg Total

Wow i cant beleive we are already three weeks into the round. And that I'm only 300grms from a 10kg loss!!!! I came into the round with a hopeful expectation of losing 1kg a week but I've smashed that out the water so far- could i start to be wishing to be double digits by rounds end? Bring it on

Week Two Round 3 2012 Weight : 115.1kg : 5th September 2012: 2.7kg lost, 6.1kg Total

Well I'm still riding the motivational train that is 12WBT: Ive eaten clean, followed the program, smashed the calories at the gym and guess what?!? Its working
I dont feel lighter yet but i feel healthier or maybe my mind just feels great from all the good choices I've been making.

Week One Round 3 2012 Weight : 117.8kg : 29th August 2012: 3.4kg lost

WOOHOO: what a great start to my first round of 12WBT, and what a bonus to my moral. I know any loss is a loss but I'm Ecstatic. BRING IT ON for the next 11 weeks. I will remember how I feel at this moment when im having a bad day

Start of Round 3 2012 Weight : 121.2kg : 27th August 2012I
I'm just bouncing out of my skin for the starting week- I feel like I have made a ton of changes all for the positive. I've done all the pre season tasks, and I'm feeling prepared for all the challenges that the next 12 weeks will bring

Pre Season Starting Weight : 123.9kg : 1st August 2012

So embrassed about this weight but I know this will be the last time I will be seeing this weight and the person I was at it.

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