Fitness Test and Measurement

I know I’m not alone in thinking that this was by far the pre- season task that had me feeling like running (or in my case walking) to the hills. And the rolling out of the measuring tape pretty much had the same effect lol.
That being said I actually wanted to get it done- just so that in the coming weeks I can use it to push myself to improve in all aspects. I will use these numbers as the starting point to something better.
And let’s be honest which women doesn’t want a smaller ass or thighs :)

Week 4 Fitness Test and Measurements- 19th Septemember 2012

Super happy with my fitness test this week- im still singing the song of "I'm not a natural runner" but i can see and feel in improvment in my running and in my breathing too as in i rememeber to breathe. I had seen some fantastic results posting on the forums with people being able to wall sit for over 6min!%?! Far out that is amazing wall sit burns SO much so I will turn the mind set around and get thru the burn for longer next time
Measurement wise- WooHoo to 41.5cm lost. I knw i had lost some cms as my work clothes are feeling baggy. I have to laugh that im loosing the same amount of cms of my butt and boobs- just highlights my typical hourglass shape

Starting Fitness Test and Measurements- 25th August 2012

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