About Me

Lol I’ve always found it hard to write “About Me” pages without it ending up something like an internet dating website: you know the ones- I’m 26, Gemini and like long walks on the beach at twilight lol
Well I am 26 and a Gemini lol
But I didn’t like any type of walk at any time of day and that’s part of the reason for joining 12WBT
I started off this Journey at my heaviest weight of 123.9kgs and fitting into size 20 clothes- I remember hitting size 18 and saying nope I won’t be buying 20s- that was the last empty promise that I made to myself.
I currently live in Warrnambool, South West Victoria but have only been here the last 5 yrs. I grew up and around Adelaide, South Australia. After a somewhat messy relationship breakdown I moved here to be closer to family. People that know the SW area also know the weather but that will be no excuse limiting my success.
As a teenager I was a successful National swimmer and triathlete- Lol what happened. I have 4 beautiful horses that I use to compete and just enjoy. My weight has had such a negative impact on my life, my confidence, my experiences and also hobbies. I don’t currently ride my horses as I feel too heavy, no way have I wanted to see myself in bathers at home let alone at a public swimming pool.
Me at the height of swimming

Going to formal dinner- at my happiest weight

My 4 beautiful horses that I’m currently missing out on

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