Before and MileStone week Photos

Week 4 Photos

I thought I would take photos at every mile stone weeks- being week 4, 8 and then final at 12 weeks.
This is me at Week 4- 11.7kgs done and weighing 109.7kgs and having lost 41.5cms

Right these are the before Photos Ekk
I was debating whether to post theses or not but I need to be accountable for the weight that I let myself get to. As much as I want to close my eyes and pretend they don’t exist (or untag myself) I wont

I am in no denial about me being overweight but gees the back photo scared me a bit- I hold the rolls at the back it would seem.  Seriously unhappy with these photos but will be using them as motivation during my journey. I WILL NOT let myself get like this again.

These were taken 1st of August at start of Pre Season of 12WBT round 3 with a starting weight of 123.9gs

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing these. You are clearly a gutsy and determined woman. I can barely look in the mirror in just underwear let alone take a photo. So I think you might just have inspired me a little. Power to you!