Friday, 31 August 2012

84 Reasons WHY I want to lose weight

After taking this idea from the 12WBT- thankyou Sarahmcgee- these are my 84 reasons why I want to lose weight
1.       To be the best version of myself
2.       Because I am so over feeling the way I do now
3.       To be healthy
4.       To FEEL healthy
5.       Because I am affecting my future negatively at this weight
6.       To live life to the fullest
7.       To not hinder my own potential
8.       To not feel like I’m letting myself and others down
9.       To be able to smile honestly
10.   To be able to enjoy my 4 beautiful horses, not just feed and groom only to then show in hand
11.   To not hinder my horses potential. I always had thoughts of people thinking “gorgeous horse, pity bout the fat owner who couldn’t run him out quick enough”
12.   To look in the mirror and look exactly how I want to
13.   Because I want to be confident, happy and healthy
14.   To actually want to look in the mirror without cringing and hiding with embarrassment
15.   To go into a shop and buy clothes I want to wear, not clothes that fit me
16.   To be able to talk to new people without feeling self-conscious
17.   Because I want to do outside activities and I’m sick of avoiding them due to my fitness level or lack of
18.   To go into a shop and not feel like the sales staff are judging me because they already know I won’t fit into their clothes
19.   To live without regrets
20.   To make better food/eating choices
21.   To have my BMI in the healthy range
22.   To catch up with friends I haven’t seen in forever and not think I’ve let myself go
23.   To be open to the idea of relationships and intimacy
24.   Because I need to learn to love myself again
25.   To not think what might have been if it hadn’t been for my weight
26.   To move out of the past and into the future
27.   Because I am so much more than I am currently
28.   To be able to completely rock lycra and look awesome on a bike
29.   Because I want to go to family events and have people comment positively on my weight not feel like I’m surrounded by negativity
30.   To go to the beach and have confidence to wear that bikini
31.   To be proud of who I am and what I’ve achieved
32.   To be able to get on the scales and not close my eyes
33.   To look after myself better and have pride in my appearance
34.   Because this weight isn’t who I am
35.   To enjoy exercise again.
36.   Because I am lonely only because I don’t socialise anymore due to my weight and own confidence- this WILL change
37.   To do a proper push-up on toes and as low as you can go
38.   To stop judging myself purely on my weight
39.   To make a lifestyle choice for the better
40.   To broaden my food horizons and not be so food fussy
41.   Because I actually WANT to do a fun run and RUN in it
42.   To go camping and not have to worry about getting up the mountains
43.   To wear heels again without my feet dying in the process
44.   Because I don’t want to have any of the health risks associated with being obese
45.   To never again be the token ‘fat friend’
46.   To buy a smaller work uniform
47.   To move on from past mistakes in life, food choices, environment etc.
48.   Because I’m over being so negative ALL the time
49.   Because I’m going to fill my life full of positives
50.   To gain a new lease on life
51.   To no longer own ‘Plus Size’ clothing
52.   To succeed
53.   To no longer feel like I’m behind everyone in the gym- I want to LEAD!!
54.   To have a bigger “Comfort Zone”
55.   To say “Yes” to invitations out, social events etc.
56.   Because this is something I need to do for myself
57.   To have an awesome butt lol and arms and legs heheh
58.   To be able to let go of all my fears. Fear of the gym, fear of food, clothes, people- just let it all go
59.   To get rid of all my excuses
60.   To do a triathlon
61.   Because I really want to wear those awesome coloured skinny jeans
62.   To get into a better sleeping plan.
63.   To kick my ass of out of my lazy routine
64.   To no longer jiggle during Burpees or running
65.   Because I don’t want to be the girl that hates walking- I want to be the girl that RUNS
66.   To be able to wear boots because they fit around my calf
67.   To get matching sexy underwear and feel hot wearing them
68.   To feel beautiful
69.   To get rid of the term dieting and just be healthy
70.   Because I want to get rid of my black ‘slimming clothing and be able to rock the bright colours
71.   To no longer compare myself to others and live my own journey
72.   To be able to brush criticism off and not take it all to heart
73.   To stop wasting money on junk food and save it for the future
74.   To see double digits on the scales
75.   To give myself the opportunity to find someone because I’m happy with who I am
76.   Because I would LOVE to be a role model and inspire people around me
77.   To lose my double chin and have my cheekbones back
78.   Because I don’t want to be sqwishable I want to be toned
79.   To no longer turn bright red, sweat and struggle for breathe when I exercise
80.   To feel a greater sense of self-worth by knowing I am no longer taking the easy way out, but am doing what is best
81.   To not have a heart attack moment when I’ve seen myself tagged in a photo on Facebook
82.   Because I deserve this and I will get there
83.   To no longer restrict myself to having no goals or aspirations
84.   To find my way back to the person I was, am and should be


  1. I think we are the same person!!!! haha -Meg from 12wbt

  2. Awesome work. Really thoughtful and precise.

  3. <3 great reflecting and definately a list to keep coming back to when your flexing you will power muscle- Dayna

  4. Well, these 84 reasons may serve as your main motivation to push yourself to succeed in your goal of losing weight. I like your 72nd reason. I wish you the best on your journey. Once you accomplish it, I think there will be no reason for you to be bothered by other people’s criticism. ;)

    Mathew Engels

  5. You’ve gotta love the list! Amazingly, you came up with variety of reasons which can motivate you to become more fit and healthy. You know what, Casey? The reason number 52 is so true, losing weight might lead to a successful you: be it at work, your career, in your family - everything! Keep the spirit alive! =)