Sunday, 2 September 2012

One Week in and one goal down

As Sunday nears a close, so does Week One of 12WBT but bring it on Week Two.
I’m still riding the huge wave of motivation and excited and tackled everything head on this week. In the back of my head there is a little voice saying “just you wait for weak moments” but I general squash that voice with a few burpees- trust me I don’t/can’t think much during burpees. I believe there are a lot of us finding this out atm.
Now I went into Week One with a promise to myself that I would try everything once food wise and I have succeeded in this. Whether my taste buds or my fussy pallet enjoyed this is somewhat debatable, however Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor do I think my food horizons will expand in a week (the only thing that will be expanding this whole 12WBT journey I hope lol) I left a lot to be desired with my regular eating times schedule- it was all over the shop. Sometimes breakfast was at 7am or 10am, Dinner at 5pm or 9pm, so this will be something I will focus on to improve during Week Two.
Exercise wise, I really felt like I smashed it. I tried some new classes, went into the gym, and tried some new environments outside and at home for some variety. Trained by myself, with groups and with other 12WBTs. And I’m actually excited about the exercise, look maybe not so crash hot with the pain, red face and hard breathing during the session, but that feeling after you have finished and really put in. The feeling where your legs are slightly jelly-like, where you can actually feel your core muscles under the fat layer lol and you know you will feel it thru your body tomorrow. This feeling for me equals SUCCEESS! I know that might sound strange but I know that if I push myself and make the commitment that the results will have no choice but to follow. I WILL make the results happen for me whatever the time frame.
Now in one of the pre-season tasks of goal setting, I really had to consider what I was after, outside of weight loss, during this 12WBT program. I had the goal of registering and actually getting out there and doing a 5km Fun Run. My family did have a bit of a laugh at my expense as I was always first to have the excuse of I’m not a natural runner hell I’m not even a natural walker lol. But all of that was Before. As of Saturday 1st September, I competed in a 5km Fun Run or well Walk. Fun walk just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. I got to put some more faces to names of the local 12WBTs that I hadn’t met before and got a lovely white ribbon to highlight me as a 5km walker.  All in all it was great- I walked the whole way- had dead-weights for legs but had a higher walking pace than usual (I’m a bit of a dawdler a lot of the time). My time was 58mins 50second so in no way is it a world beating time, but for me it is a huge achievement as it meant I actually DID it. It now gives me the opportunity to beat it in my next Fun Run and there will be a next one.
I have had a fantastic week- sure there were some difficulties, things I didn’t enjoy but I don’t acknowledge them- I won’t see the negatives in this journey nor will they derail me. I choose to focus on the positives and the things I have accomplished. Bring on Week Two I say


  1. Congratulations on successfully completing your first week Casey. You had some great achievements :)

    1. Hey Dayna,
      thank you- im loving the changes I've made- sure gym isnt easy but i feel like ive accomplised something.
      Hope your round is going well :)

  2. I am glad to see you had such a wonderful week! I too was so surprised by the food, I gave everything a go and actually enjoyed it.
    Including Kangaroo pie who would have thought it!
    Keep up the awesome work hun.

    1. Hey Gi,
      i might of swapped the kangeroo meat- i just find it very strong tasting and i cant get the skippy image out of my head lol.
      Hope all is well with you
      Casey xoxo

  3. Casey, I'm enjoying following your progress, I love the zeal that you are approaching everything with, it's getting me re-excited about the round as well. Keep it up.