Saturday, 15 September 2012

Week Three finished with a Pink sparkle skipping rope

Wow we are a quarter of the way thru the Round- the first three weeks of the rest of my life to a better Me has come to an end. On reflection these 3 weeks have impacted me in SO many positive ways, and not just in wins against the scales and numbers.
I am now only I'm only 300grms from a 10kg loss!!!! I came into the round with a hopeful expectation of losing 1kg a week but I've smashed that out the water so far- could I start to be wishing to be double digits by rounds end? Bring it on- the more happy dances I do the more calories I burn
Food wise I’m still going with it- I had felt that this was always the weakest area for me- the one place where my will power might weaken and in would sneak Hungry Jacks lol I finding that even given the opportunity to eat badly that I actually don’t want to. I’m not craving the high salt, high sugar, and high fat foods anymore. Treat meal was the Penang Chicken on the 12WBT program and I would be very happy if that was the last meal I ever eat- OMG it is to die for so yummy yummy. I think that by picking a meal from the recipe base I’m not inclined to go too far off the plan- I’m ecstatic will how I’m going but I don’t completely trust myself to not running away with the “treat” aspect = bad choices.
One big Milestone in these 3 weeks is exercise. I’m loving it, I’m doing it and I’m putting all I can into it. I’m embracing the pain/the burn because as disgruntle as my body may be feeling, it feels like success as well. I actually swapped a shift at work yesterday so that I could do gym boot camp in the morning and then SSS with some of the other 12WBTers. I had my towel packed, BYO step and my pink sparkle skipping rope all set for the Skipping Pyramid. I think the last time I skipped was in primary school while singing “Ice cream soda, cherry on top….” , so it might of caused some laughs while we all tried to get it together and into some type of  rhythm but we got thru the 4 rounds and smashed it!!!
9 weeks left to go in my first round- I know for certain that I will be doing the rounds to come after- the support and guidance in 12WBT is something special and unique and so unlike any other ‘diet’ plan out there- this is all about lifestyle. There are so many people that this has worked for, is working for and will work for and I WILL be one of those people and so will you.


  1. Holy moley, nearly 10kg?? That's AMAZING!!! Good for you!

  2. Whoa - those are huge numbers! Congrats.

  3. Fantastic Casey, you are rocking the program! I know what you mean about the Penang Chicken, it's my favourite! Seriously I could drink the sauce, hahahaha. Followed closely by the sweet & sour pork, have you tried that yet? It's delish.


  4. Well done Casey. I love reading this blog, you also remind me of myself last round. Keep it up and yes the Penang Chicken is the best recipe Michelle has. To answer Carol, we do drink the sauce.

    Keep up the great work.