Tuesday, 25 September 2012


So during last week and this week I reflected the many changes that doing 12WBT has brought into my life

Visual changes

These are the most ‘obvious’ ones- the ones that I can see and feel and the ones that people are starting to notice too. The top images are of my starting weight of 123.9kgs and the bottom ones were taking Week 4 11.7kgs down and 41.5cm lost. The second image is of the changes in my face- WooHoo my face and my multiple chins were my most hated area of 'fatness' so im so pleased to be getting my face and cheek bones and neck back


Something else visual that I’ve started to notice- is I’m starting to CARE about my appearance- I bought Proactive to help with my skin, I put effort into my makeup when I go out. I actually want to look nice because I feel like I’m on the right track to feeling and looking awesome. I always said that I would go back to my natural hair colour when I got thin which is blonde- I’m still debating whether to or not- the age old fight of blonde or brunette heheh

Mental changes

These are the turning points for me- the factors that I know that I will succeed in this endeavour of mine. I wake up feeling fantastic not just refreshed and renewed but just feeling like I’m in the right place. I enjoy exercise- in fact it is more than that- I LOVE going to the gym, giving it my all and that feeling afterwards of all these happy endorphins running around my body ( hopefully its more the fat cells melting away).

I don’t complain- yes I know I am not a natural runner but bugger to that I JFDI. I would say I use to always look for the easiest way out, in exercise, work, and life even. Now I welcome a challenge.

Last Weekend I caught up with the Warrnambool and Surrounds crew to take on Tower Hill- not once but 4 times. I took me 5 years of living in Warrnambool before I even did this walk once- and I’m pretty sure I spent the whole way up and down complaining loudly to anyone that would listen (whether they wanted to hear it or not I imagine). But this time I jumped at the challenge- I changed a work shift so I could go, sure I have breather hard and puffy but this time there was laugher not sounds of a disgruntle person.


Lonely. I never use to honestly think how lonely I was, I knew I was but never did anything about it. I moved from Adelaide and came to Warrnambool and I was overweight. SO new place and already unhappy so I isolated myself. And I’ve been doing that for 5 years. It feels like 12WBT was the kick out the door onto the front porch, which I truly needed. I have felt more alive, more myself and more belonging in the last 4-5 weeks than I have in forever. So to the lovely people in 12WBT (whether I have met you or not), to my work place, to Gym people and all the Warrnambool and surrounds Beautiful Girls- I thank you all for giving me an even greater opportunity to succeed


  1. Casey, firstly WOW, your body has changed and good on you for posting your pics. Secondly now having met you on the weekend, it makes me sad to think of you lonely in a new town and sad. Because I met a vibrant vivacious young woman, full of life and get up and go and eager to join in, and more importantly, we wanted to be with you, so amen for changes huh? I still can't believe we did that climb four freaking times! Yahoooooo to us!

  2. Casey - those changes are amazing and I am so proud of you for what you've achieved in such a short time. You are an inspiration! Also, I am in awe of you popping photos of you in your undies on your blog - more power to you, you are a better man than me!! These fantastic changes happening in your life are awesome and you deserve them. The W'bool and surrounds crew are a great group aren't they.

  3. The changes in your photos are amazing - well done. It's such a bonus how this program gets us meeting other people in the area so we can catch up, workout and have a good time :) Your positivity is awesome!!

  4. Hey Casey, I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. Your writing style is fresh, and, well, real. Great work.
    Warrnambool has a lot of incidental walks, hasn't it? I lived there for 27 years, and just love the walks I have when I get back there. Have you tackled the board walk along the beach way?
    I see my sister, Jenny 501 in your Tower Hill challenge day. She's a hoot, God love her!
    I will make my way back to your blog again,
    ps, I totally get the jacket moment... For me, it was skirt to wear to work, without being so tight that I couldnt afford for my shirt to ride up at all, in fear of the tummy rolls being fully visible.
    Keep up the good work!