Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Feeling the 12WBT love

So today was weigh in day- I do admit going to sleep on Tuesdays and reviewing what I have done for the week.
Did I follow the program 100%, did I stick to 1200 calories- was I under/over? Did I put in during workouts? Did I have too many rest days? Did I drink enough water? Etc etc.
The usual, negative, worrying thoughts- STOP IT!!! I have to say to myself- nothing I say, do or think about will change the result on Wednesdays’ mornings. I take responsibility for all my choices whether right or not lol. And the scale is only a number and a number isn’t able to control how I feel or see myself.
What the scales did show me today was a Mini-Milestone- Since the Official start of Round 3, 2012 I have now donated more than 10kgs to the fat god never to be seen again. 11.5kgs that I will never have to lug around while attempting to do burpees or clothes shopping even J I think about what an impact those 11.5kgs have caused in my life and it is ALL negative. I will use all my tools in my arsenal and my stubbornness to ensure that not only does this 11.5kgs not come back on but that there are other kgs friends to join them.

The non-scale win (still 12WBT related) was opening up my Wednesday Mish email to find out that I was one of the 20 blogs nominated for the most inspirational. So I want to take to time to thank everyone that nominated this blog and who spend the time to read my musing and rambling. I would love to hug the girls that sent me emails of congratulations- it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and I feel completely humbled by all the support- many from people I have never met. This blog was only set up so that I could get my thoughts out into the open and have some writings to show the progress of my journey, both thru weight and mentally too. One of my orginal feelings when i first started 12WBT, was LONELINESS. I might be losing weight but i am gaining so much more in my life with the people that 12WBT has given me the opportunity to met. So to everyone Thankyou- i cannot put into words what your support and belief means to me and i cant wait for all of us to succeed.

As well as my blog there were some other absolutely fantastic blogs nominated- if you haven’t read them- then I highly recommended starting too – I’ve listed the links below. To anyone thinking about doing a blog- GO FOR IT. you dont have to share it with anyone, it can be for only you. I find inspiration in all places- from blogs, from just the way people or, to the enviroment around me.
Sailor Vee
Mo Jo
Coco Girl


  1. Casey, well done on your blog win. I only started mine in the last round because of the weekly surprise and look what happened to me. Even bigger congrats on the weight loss. Those are huge numbers and you only get there from working your arse off. Keep it up. Your numbers are amazing and you are well on the way to working yourself into the top 20 if you keep focused and keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Casey! And congratulations on your win! You're doing so well and will blitz this! Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to following your journey and everyone else's also. Thanks again :) love Coco Girl x

  3. Casey, you totally rock, and a huge congratulations to you on the win. You have a great blog, and you are doing everything right, so be very VERY proud of yourself. Woooo hooooo!