Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Week One weigh in = Happy Dance

WOOHOO I have donated 3.4kg to the fat god to be never seen again. And I leave the 120’s and above 40BMI’s behind too. To say I’m Ecstatic would be an understatement, am currently doing a happy dance (soon it will be the day I don’t jiggle as much heheh). I know there could be lean weigh in’s in the future but I just need to remember how I feel exactly this moment. I know this is achievable- it isn’t beyond me, I WILL succeed!!! I have been reading some absolutely fantastic results and losses on the forums and Facebook. We 12WBTers are a motivated and committed bunch it would seem J
I had the opportunity to meet some of the girls in Warrnambool and surrounding areas that are also doing 12WBT. And I know they are going to be a great support- we all have different stories as to how we got to our weights and the reasons why we decided to join 12WBT but all have the same fears, excuses and excitement. I can’t wait to get to smash some workouts and milestone events with them all.

If you look at the top of my Blog you will see some different pages that I’ve set up.

Before Photos: pretty self-explanatory – the evil, scary, want to deny they exist photos. I will be accountable for the weight I got to by MY choices. Bring on the day when I can post my after photo here

Weigh In:  I will have updates here every week on Wednesday with a photo of my scale number and update the graph too.

Workout Weekly Summaries: On here I have posted photos of my HRM calories burnt for every session. I’m hoping that this will make me accountable for the effect I put into my workout- I won’t lie to myself and this keeps me honest or at least not in denial about my workouts

Fitness Test and Measurements: This I will update every milestone week (Week 4, Week 8 and Week 12) with the results of my fitness test and my measurements.

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  1. Casey, that is a BRILLIANT start. I can tell you are over the moon. What an oomph to know that you put your trust in Mish and she will deliver through you! Congratulations.