Friday, 24 August 2012

Count down is almost over- the Week before 12WBT and my fat free, Negative free Area

I’m bouncing around a bit as I write this blog- only 2more days till the most positive decision I’ve made, starts. I know there are many of us feeling the same way. It’s exciting and nerve wracking all mixed in a neat bundle of feelings.
When I first joined up I just wanted the program to hurry up and start (was a bit impatient lol) - I had made my choice and wanted to start right NOW!! My motivation was up and I didn’t want it to ebb by the time the program started. I hadn’t really considered the benefits of the warm up and preseason tasks. I didn’t think they were a waste of time although I did question their merit slightly at the time. These thoughts clearly stemmed from avoidance- back to my ‘head in sand’ syndrome and rose coloured classes; if I can’t or don’t have to see it, read it, write it or admit it then it doesn’t exist.  But now with the start only days away I not only appreciate the tasks but am coming to an understanding of their meaning. I am no longer in denial about how or what I’m feeling, I am being honest with myself about how and what I want to achieve and I no longer feel completely overwhelmed by the journey in front of me. I am ready- WE all are ready. Bring it On!!
This week has been all about organising and preparing myself for the 12 weeks ahead. I have a diary full of work, workouts, shopping days, horse shows and post-it notes- it is bright and colourful and actually makes me smile when I open it- lol as to whether that smile is forced we will see further into 12WBT.I wanted to limit my chances of using excuses and to make my home as positive place that it could be. I have the clean eating kitchen, the work out gear, some kettle bells and weights but after reading some of the posts from the beautiful girls on “12wbt 30 Plus crew”: I now introduce my weight jars and vision board in what I call my “Fat Free, Negative Free Area”.

Each stone in my weight jar represents 100grms, so on the left I have my current weight filled with the 48.9kgs or 489 stones (gees that sounds like a lot of bloody stones) that I want to lose and on the right all the weight I have lost or will come to lose. So bring on weigh-in Wednesday- I am getting excited to be able to move the stones across.

My vision board is basically a collection of my goals, aspirations and inspirational quotes/photos to keep me on track. I have got a graph that will show my weight loss, the effect on my BMI and my weekly workout calories and how they might affect the results. It has my before photos EKK and photos of me when I was close to goal weight.

As I’ve written before; I am committed to following this thru to the end, whatever the time frame. I will throw all I have into succeeding. I will lose the weight, I will get on the scales and see my goal weight and I will battle whatever negatives come my way with a smile and determination. I commit to taking responsibility for the choices I make and they will be the right ones this time lol. And I am committed to all the sweat, tears and pain it will take to get there.

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  1. Love these ideas - couldn't read the vision board stuff up close though, but it looks like you've done heaps of work on it. Only 2 sleeps till you officially start! Bring it on, I say...