Monday, 27 August 2012

Day One- Done, Dusted and Ecstatic

The day has finally arrived- The start of Michelle Bridges 12WBT Round 3 2012 is here!!!
I did all of my veggie shopping on Sunday with a friend, Mel- spent AGES in fruit and veg plus deli- making sure I had everything on the shopping list. Mel went on ahead and finished up her shopping and she found me back in the fruit area still looking for that bloody avocado (in my defence it was a newly open Safeway that I hadn’t been too). It was the healthiest my grocery trolley has ever looked and I no longer felt embarrassed to go thru the checkout. Instead of the sweets, chocolate and highly processed food that usually fills the bags; I had leeks, pumpkins, apples, fish and the like. No longer did I think the checkout lady was looking at what I was buying and then looking at my weight and going “I see why”.  I was proud to be pushing my super healthy trolley up to the counter. Sure the price was more than what a usual food shop is for me; but then I’ve never added up how much money I spent a week on takeout/junk food. Plus I can’t afford to NOT do this.

I did a big cook up as well – everything that could be frozen I doubled and cooked in batches. I felt a bit like a masterchef as I prepared the Pumpkin Soup and Fish Stew- although I doubt Masterchefs make as much mess as me or have as many dishes either. My food compost bin is going to improve no end as well. As I enter these 12 weeks I have made a promise to myself: I will try every single one of Mish’s meals- not matter what I feel towards the ingredients. I will have an open mind to what will be different tastes for me and I will broaden my food horizon.
The bonus for today was I actually remembered to take my snacks and dinner to work, so plus one for me.

I had my group PT session at the gym this morning- I think my trainer had a ‘demon’ in him (sorry watched Hangover 2 last night) today as he made the decision for the session to become a double. This means we hit the run down the hill to the river and back. The run is 1.4kms round-trip and has a somewhat evil hill for a substantial part of that. I wouldn’t be lying when I say this isn’t my most favourite task and it does become even less of a favourite when we have to do it 5 times. At the last attempt I got thru 2 times at a struggling pace filled with long periods of walking. I had a bit of a breakthrough last week with my shuffle/jog/run, I had become so accustom with actually needing walking periods (for my legs, heart rate and breathing) within the runs that I wasn’t pushing myself even as my fitness increased. Trainer gave me a kick up the ass and said that I COULD do it- guess what he was right. Sometimes you just need that kick start and the boost that someone believes you can to get into gear. This time I ran whole way down, power walked the steep hill and then ran back once onto the flat. And I got the whole 5 circuits done- I was/am ecstatic.  Got back into the gym to the task of burning 500 calories on the crosstrainer; got my legs pumping and hit the task with everything I had left. End result 2hrs and 1324calories burnt.
So day 1 of 12WBT is done and dusted, I’m tired but feel like I’ve really achieved something, not hungry at all, tried all the food and enjoyed it and most importantly BRING IT ON all over again for tomorrow and 82days after that.

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