Saturday, 6 October 2012

Just a little bit MORE

So week 6 has ended and the half-way point has come and gone. We are now on the home stretch to the Finale. This week I decided to push myself just that little bit MORE; More in my mindset, More in my exercise, More in my clean eating. Getting myself out of my comfort zone in preparation for the last 6 weeks
With my work roster being somewhat chaotic with people on leave or sick, it actually gave me the opportunity to work 9am-5pm hours, rather than my shift work. So I entered this week with the promise to myself that I would do double sessions every day, one in the morning and one after work. I tried new and different classes- some more successfully than others- I’m of the thinking that “Step” really isn’t me (eg: love/hate relationship with the ‘step’ and maybe some almost falls involved lol). There was Spin, Pump, Cardio, Factor ‘F’, Boot camp, Pilates, Step and more. My workouts are below(havnt got Saturdays session photos atm):

I would get up at 5.30am, get to the gym at 6am, finish by say 7.30am, feed horses and change rugs on way home, get home and get ready for work, Work 9am-5pm, head straight to gym, do gym session, finish 6.30pm, feed horses and change rugs on way home, get home cook tea/organise lunch etc for tomorrow and then BED.
Lol writing that down makes me almost feel tired hahah but surprisingly it was completely AWESOME. Because the day was so planned out and I had a set routine, the whole day just ran smoothly. I didn’t have time to complain or come up with excuses (although there were some battles with the 5.30am alarm clock). I have found muscles I didn’t know I have- mainly because they are yelling loudly at me in aches and pains. Now this certainly isn’t something I could manage all the time- but it is something I can strive for again- work hours permitting. I am finding my love for exercise all over again.
Do I hope that this increase in intensity shows in a number value come Wednesday weigh in- yes of course- this journey is a weight loss one as well as a lifestyle one. However I won’t be defined by the scales. During the week I have started to find some exercises are coming more natural to me and that my heart doesn’t burst out my burst quite so much when I’m running. I can put in more and go ‘bigger’ as Michelle puts it. OMG does that mean I’m getting FITTER?!? Woohoo I'm on the right track to no longer having to breathe quietly while turning blue, walking up  a hill, so that people cant tell how truely unfit I was. I hate the extra weight I have been carrying but I have despised my lack of fitness and how that made me feel.

Something completely out of my comfort zone this week was the Weekly Mindset Challenge. I’m happy to talk to someone all day, content to write my thoughts down in words but utterly terrified to talk to camera and update to YouTube for the public to see. It could be because I feel somewhat silly talking to myself or the fact that everyone can see me for me (no good camera angles) or that I can’t really edit as such- chances are it’s a combination of all of the above. But I had to remind myself that this week was about pushing out of my comfort zone. So here is my YouTube video- Ekk
it is basically a rehash of my last blog on restricting yourself to stereotypes

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