Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dont restrict yourself to Stereotypes

I’m back J
After battling with my home computer and the joys of doing Cashier at work plus I don’t think I can blog so well on my IPhone- gosh could you imagine what damage autocorrect could do- I am back into the world of Blogging once again.
I can’t believe that we have reached the half way mark of 12WBT round 3, 2012. It doesn’t seem that long since I was battling with myself to hit the confirm payment button. I pushed it with my eyes closed and had an “Ekk shit what have I done” moment after.
Pushing that button was the best thing I could have possibly done. As I write this today I am 17.5kgs lighter, 41.5cm smaller and in a fantastic frame of mind. I haven’t felt like this in forever, I’m enjoying the food, loving the exercise, getting back to being bright and bubbly and thoroughly enjoying life. I’m no longer daunted by the numbers and know that my goal is more than achievable and that I WILL get there. Having faith and belief in myself is empowering- Why the hell didn’t I do this sooner lol
That’s not to say that this has been an easy journey so far. I’ve battled my inner demons about the way I think about myself and how I deal with negativity- there is no right way of winning this battle- I take each day at a time, armed with skills 12WBt has given me and the belief that I will get there. I don’t restrict my journey to a time frame- I will be doing the next round and the round after that etc. etc. until I reach my goal post.
I’ve battled with stereotypes I’ve put onto myself such as ‘not a morning person’ or ‘I’m not a natural runner’. Now being honest with myself both of these statements are true in one sense. I really do very much dislike early mornings and often I was inclined to hit snooze WAY too many times. I swear this is what I look and feel like in the mornings;

And I am not what you would call a natural or talented runner in any form. I kind of feel like my legs do something that is some form of shuffle, jog, walk thing, my arms are flapping, my boobs are bouncing and then in the middle of that I can tend to forget to breathe. All of that equals interesting running technique. Examples below lol

HOWEVER I don’t let these stereotypes, whether true or not, define what I do.  I set the alarm, I get up and I go do the workout- hell I’m even running in the workouts in the morning so killing two stereotypes in one hit. Some mornings are harder than the one before but that’s when the JFDI mentality comes into play. Don’t restrict yourself with what you believe you are only just capable of doing- the further into your fitness, weight loss or life journey the goal posts will move. What I am doing now re my fitness I thought impossibly far away 6 weeks ago- I can only wait and see what I’m capable of after a next 6 weeks.

So I say to everyone – believe in yourself and trust that you ARE capable of this.  Do not restrict yourself to what stereotypes you or others might have put on you.  The journey may be walked in your own shoes but many will walk beside you.


  1. Great post! I really loved your little pictures! I was cracking up at the two running ones (oh and the morning cat, LOL)!

    But it's true! I worry about working out, about what I look like, what I'm wearing, what will others think, will they be laughing about me on the inside, when in reality, they haven't even noticed me, like I haven't noticed them!

    Thanks for your post!

  2. Great to see your blog post, you know how I worry! hahahahaha

    I'm with you, I'm in this for the long haul and won't give up till I'm done. Having said that, why on earth didn't I find out about this program before I did. Last round when I started it was like I had been let into a big secret that everyone knew about but me.

    Now as for running, I'm finding I've got my boobs under control now with a really good fitted sports bra. It's my tummy blobbing up and down that is annoying - eeek. Ahh well we'll both get there right?


  3. Love the running pictures, I know exactly how you feel. Congrat's on the weight loss 17kgs is excellent.

  4. Amazing stats and well done on breaking through those stereotypes. I'm still struggling with exercise in the morning. Knowing that the gym will be packed and I'll get to work wheezing and looking a shade of beetroot doesn't help either. But I'm working on it.

    Oh and thanks for providing a morning giggle - I'll think of that girl in the yellow jacket next time I run!